Social Responsibility of Business


We want to motivate a continuous growth in our region as well as our own growth. Along with our goal to provide jobs and wellbeing to our collaborators and their families, our company offers to the community that welcome us, the knowledge and experience in the industry that we have. Therefore, we can help to develop sustainably the rest of our partners: commerce and institutions, schools and higher education centres. Likewise, we commit to protect the environment.

We have dedicated an important part of our work to support the Children Rehabilitation Centre “Cruz del Sur”, in conjunction with the Lions Club “Cruz del Sur”, with which we have been working for several years in the organization of the Gathering of Magellanic handicapped children. Thus, our contribution has turn out to be significant to fulfil the goals of this campaign.


Casa Matriz
Av.Pdte. Carlos Ibáñez del Campo 05765
Mesa Central +56 (61) 2740100
Fax +56 (61) 2740102
Casilla D. Punta Arenas

Super G Market
Manzana 9. Sitio 6
Av.Bulnes Km.3 1/2 Norte
Tel. +56 (61) 2740180
Zona Franca. Punta Arenas

Bodega Zona Franca
Manzana 16. Sitio 5 y 6
+56 (61) 2740180 - 2740181
+56 (61) 2740182 - 2740183
Zona Franca. Punta Arenas

Corcoran Express
Av.Pdte. Carlos Ibáñez del Campo 05765
Tel. +56 (61) 2740158-2740117-2740118)
Punta Arenas Chile

Logística Tres Puentes
Av. Pdte. Carlos Ibáñez del Campo 05763

Tel. +56 (61) 2740141

Punta Arenas Chile

Sucursal Coyhaique
Gastón Adarme 1000

Tel.+(61) 2740192

Tel.+(67) 2582160
Coyhaique, Chile