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CORCORAN Limited, INC. is a company which was founded in 1948 by Mr. Arturo Corcoran Dorney. The main line of business of our company is to represent and distribute national and international products within the widest range of categories. These categories vary from food, home and personal cleaning products, consumable goods for bakery industry, frozen meats, wines, and liquors, among others. We provide our services mainly to the retail and wholesale industry of two Chilean regions: Aysén and Magallanes, including important regional and national supermarkets chains as well. We also export to Argentina (Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego) and the Falkland islands (UK) in the South Atlantic area.

What was previously mentioned means that we provide our services to a clients’ portfolio of over 2,500 clients which are, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, institutions, companies, bakeries and traditional commerce. Our organization has more than 150 motivated and skilled workers, who are ready to satisfy our national and international clients’ requirements. Our team bases its management in Quality Policies that constitute the backbone of our business strategy.

We warmly welcome you to Corcoran Limited, INC. and we wish to invite you to find out more about or company.

Patricio Corcoran B.
General Manager



We always search for the leadership in the distribution industry and we work facing the future thinking to be “The best and most efficient distribution company in the Southern Cone of America”.

Our Vision
What do we want as a Company?

We will fulfil our strategic goals by:
• Consolidating the advances of previous years.
• Reassuring the structure of a technical management.
• Growing and consolidating the development in other regions.
• Trying to keep work stability.
• Motivating the excellence from our collaborators.
• Promoting an immigrant culture.
• Developing our own brands.
• Being socially responsible.
• Creating our own new technologies.

Casa Matriz
Av.Pdte. Carlos Ibáñez del Campo 05765
Mesa Central +56 (61) 2740100
Fax +56 (61) 2740102
Casilla D. Punta Arenas

Super G Market
Manzana 9. Sitio 6
Av.Bulnes Km.3 1/2 Norte
Tel. +56 (61) 2740186
Zona Franca. Punta Arenas

Bodega Zona Franca
Manzana 16. Sitio 5 y 6
+56 (61) 2740180 - 2740181
+56 (61) 2740182 - 2740183
Zona Franca. Punta Arenas

Corcoran Express
Av.Pdte. Carlos Ibáñez del Campo 05765
Tel. +56 (61) 2740158-2740117-2740118)
Punta Arenas Chile

Logística Tres Puentes
Av. Pdte. Carlos Ibáñez del Campo 05763

Tel. +56 (61) 2740141

Punta Arenas Chile

Sucursal Coyhaique
Gastón Adarme 1000

Tel.+(61) 2740192

Tel.+(67) 2582160
Coyhaique, Chile