CORCORAN Limited, INC. is the largest company that is present in the representation and distribution of consumption and large-scale use products’ business in the XII Region of Magallanes and Antártica Chilena. Our range of sales allows us to directly provide our services to the cities of Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales, Puerto Porvenir and Puerto Williams. Thanks to our strategic alliances with local operators, our imported products are present in the XI Region of General Carlos Ibañez del Campo. On the other hand, our exported products satisfy the requirements of our clients who are located in the Argentinian Patagonia and in the Falklands Islands in the South Atlantic.



Casa Matriz
Av.Pdte. Carlos Ibáñez del Campo 05765
Mesa Central +56 (61) 2740100
Fax +56 (61) 2740102
Casilla D. Punta Arenas

Super G Market
Manzana 9. Sitio 6
Av.Bulnes Km.3 1/2 Norte
Tel. +56 (61) 2740186
Zona Franca. Punta Arenas

Bodega Zona Franca
Manzana 16. Sitio 5 y 6
+56 (61) 2740180 - 2740181
+56 (61) 2740182 - 2740183
Zona Franca. Punta Arenas

Corcoran Express
Av.Pdte. Carlos Ibáñez del Campo 05765
Tel. +56 (61) 2740158-2740117-2740118)
Punta Arenas Chile

Logística Tres Puentes
Av. Pdte. Carlos Ibáñez del Campo 05763

Tel. +56 (61) 2740141

Punta Arenas Chile

Sucursal Coyhaique
Gastón Adarme 1000

Tel.+(61) 2740192

Tel.+(67) 2582160
Coyhaique, Chile